wordpress training Miami

Syllabus WordPress Classes

Module 1: Setting Up Self-Hosted WordPress.org
– Purchase a domain name
– Select a web hosting provider
– Install WordPress through your host’s one-click installation process

Module 2: Configuring Your Self-Hosted Website
– Access the WordPress dashboard
– Explore the dashboard and adjust general settings
– Install and activate a new theme

Module 3: Mastering the WordPress Dashboard
– Customize and navigate the dashboard
– Adjust writing settings
– Explore the WYSIWYG editor and its toolbar
– Learn about the HTML editor and its functions
– Format text effectively
– Create, publish, edit, and delete pages
– Embed hyperlinks in your text

Module 4: Managing Visual and Audio Content
– Prepare images for upload
– Upload and insert images during post creation
– Import images from external sources
– Manage the media library
– Create and insert image galleries
– Embed YouTube videos

Module 5: Enhancing Functionality with Widgets and Plugins
– Introduction to widgets and plugins
– Select and add widgets
– Discover and install plugins
– Activate plugins

Module 6: Improving Web Page Content
– Edit and refine written content
– Enhance posts using typography
– Use images to improve post aesthetics

Module 7: Using WordPress for Effective Content Management
– Set a static page as your home page
– Integrate Google Ads and Amazon Affiliate Ads

Module 8: Maintaining Your WordPress Website
– Automatically update WordPress
– Manually update WordPress
– Update and manage plugin upgrades

Module 9: Choosing and Installing Themes
– Integrating ChatGPT and Divi Theme with Divi AI
– Introduction to Divi Theme and Divi AI
– Utilize ChatGPT for content creation and customer support
– Explore Divi Theme features and design options
– Implement Divi AI tools for enhanced site interaction and automation

Module 10: Optimizing Your Site with SEO and All-in-One SEO Plugin
– Introduction to SEO basics: keywords, metadata, and search engine visibility
– Install and configure the All-in-One SEO plugin
– Optimize posts and pages for search engines
– Understand and utilize SEO analytics and reporting

Prerequisites for this WordPress Training Course
1. Basic computer skills and quick learning ability.
2. Experience with Microsoft Office tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
3. A business concept and an idea for your website’s purpose.
4. A business logo or a clear idea of your business image.

**NOTE: Pre-course Requirements**
– Bring a laptop capable of connecting to Wi-Fi.
– Ensure your hosting account is set up with Linux OS, PHP5, and MYSQL Database.

Have a domain name ready (a 1&1 Unlimited or Business Account is recommended), or be prepared to set these up during the course.